Our Technology

Vision Performance Index

Vision Performance Index - VPI™, is an easy to use and comprehensive metric that quantifies your overall visual function. Vizzario’s vision assessment service gathers vision psychometrics and uses image processing techniques to create a unique score for every user. VPI measures every user's: Field of View, Accuracy, Multitracking, Endurance, and Detection.

Learn more about VPI and our analytics process here.

Video Games

Whether you crush candy or sling flying birds at pigs, video games have become a great form of entertainment, helping you pass time or when you need a break. What if you could play the games you enjoy and learn more about yourself at the same time?

At Vizzario, we provide tools that make games and apps vision intelligent. You are able to gain insight into your vision, including how well your eyes are performing, when you need to break, and if you have a color vision deficit to name a few.


It’s no surprise that children are being exposed to more and more forms of vision-intensive technology. Between constantly using smartphones and tablets, to staring at a computer screen for hours on end, these actions have an affect on their vision. In fact, according to a study published in Ergonomics, children have a hard time communicating eye fatigue and dry eyes.

Vizzario offers a unique way to monitor the health of your child’s eyes and identify changes to his/her vision over time. If a child uses games and applications powered by Vizzario, parents can elect to have access to their child’s performance. Parents can log in to their Vizzario account, follow their child’s vision over time for metrics such as eye fatigue and color deficiencies. This allows parents to take necessary precautions to limit and prevent symptoms of long-term display use.



Every sport has a unique physical demand. It’s the reason a soccer player and basketball player have physically different builds. They focus on training specific muscles that their sports rely on.

At Vizzario, we understand each sport not only has physical demands, but different visual demands as well. With our technology you’ll be able to hone the visual skills necessary to your specific sport.